SkipKid is an invaluable free resource for Brooklyn parents of children ages zero to five. We provide an up-to-date and complete calendar of drop-in activities sortable by Brooklyn neighborhood, and we send out a weekly email newsletter to 1,200 subscribers featuring family-friendly weekend activities.

We invite you to advertise your business on our weekend roundup email newsletter through a sponsored post on the newsletter. Our weekend roundup has an exceptionally high open rate as well as click through rate, so you are assured that 1,200 subscribers are actually seeing your sponsored post, rather than it being directed to spam. We send out our weekend roundup every Thursday evening, then post it to our homepage and our Facebook page, where hundreds more users see it. Advertising with SkipKid is a wonderful way to promote your business with an engaged and targeted audience.

Why you should advertise with SkipKid:

SkipKid’s weekly newsletter goes out to more than 1200 local Brooklyn parents and caregivers.

With other list serves, you have no guarantee that subscribers are reading your sponsored post. SkipKid has an extremely high open rate and an engaged audience.

Reach your target audience of parents of children age 0-5.

Our subscribers and users are all local Brooklyn residents.

Our newsletter has an open and click rate that is well above the industry average.

How a sponsored post works:

The weekend roundup featuring your sponsored post is emailed out on Thursday evenings to all of our subscribers. In addition, the roundup is posted on our homepage and blog from Thursday evening through Sunday evening, as well as on our Facebook page.

We will feature your business with words and an accompanying image–we will work together to make sure the wording and the image meet your needs.

Your post can be up to 100 words or 500 characters (whichever comes first). Please also submit an image of your choosing to be included with the post. We reserve the right to edit your post for clarity and length.

Although we can’t guarantee where in the weekend roundup your sponsored post will appear, we can make sure it goes out on the weekend of your choosing.

You can see an example of sponsored posts here.

For more information on rates and placing an ad, please contact us.