Office Space: Toddler CEOs at work!


In a fit of feminist guilt, I recently gave away or sold most of my daughters’ pretend cleaning supplies. Don’t get me wrong: my kids adored their Melissa & Doug mop and broom set and my 21-month-old is still wandering around the apartment looking for the vacuum that sucked up “real” pretzels and bandaids. But my kids see a lot of cleaning, and — I decided — not enough CEO work. So I produced two computer keyboards I found on the street and set them up on cardboard boxes: their desks! Then we spent a full hour shredding documents until I broke the shredder by overstuffing it, and both girls cried. By far their favorite new activity turns out to be sharpening pencils the old fashioned way. I also have my eye on this 18-roll set of patterned Duct Tape that I think we could use to build out their office cubicles. And of course we kept the wooden play iron because every business women needs to look her best.