Our “Emotional Labor” Quiz: who’s really doing all the work in your house?


Episode 7 of the SkipKid Podcast is all about emotional labor — you know, that unpaid, unnoticed, unacknowledged work that we do to keep everyone in the household happy and comfortable? You may have even read the article that went viral introducing the world to the idea of emotional labor. We got the chance to talk to the author of the article for our podcast — you can listen to our interview with Gemma Hartley, and you can take the quiz we created for the episode! Answer honestly to find out who’s doing the emotional labor in your household!

Answer “me,” “my spouse,” or “both.” 

  1. It’s the weekend and you have a plan to go on a family outing — who packs the snacks, car toys, extra wipes and/or holds the mental list of things to bring?
  2. The seasons are changing and it’s time to take inventory on clothes and items the kids already have and need — who initiates this process?
  3. There’s a 50% off sale on kids clothing at the same time your kids are in need of some new basics –who thinks of taking advantage of the sale and initiates purchase?
  4. Supplies are running low — diapers, wipes, etc…who initiates replenishing?
  5. Your kid/kids are ready for preschool, kindergarten, middle or high school — who initiates learning to navigate the system, researching principals, scheduling tours, application process etc?
  6. Your child is struggling with something and it is clear they need some extra support — who initiates researching relevant books, stories etc that could help them ?
  7. Who is in charge of correspondence with your child’s teacher?
  8. Your child is going through a developmental milestone and parenting them has become a challenge–who investigates or seeks support?
  9. Who organizes childcare?
  10. Who coordinates with the caregiver?

If you answered “me” to more than 5, you’re doing the lion’s share of the emotional labor in your household. Tune in to our most recent podcast episode to hear concrete tips and ideas for shifting the balance to share the work with your partner.