Six SkipKid users rave about a new date-night babysitting service, and now it’s your turn to try it! Get your $50 FREE credit now!

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We’ve all been there:

Friends from out of town want to meet up for dinner, but your regular babysitter can’t make it.

There’s a Saturday afternoon exercise class you’re dying to try, but your kids refuse to go to child watch.

You’ve been meaning to get a date-night sitter, but all the sitters you meet seem to want regular hours, and you can’t commit to that.

You need time for yourself, but you don’t want to leave your children with someone they don’t know.

Enter Chime by Sitter City, the babysitting service that pairs qualified, pre-screened caregivers with New York City families at your convenience. Chime recently offered six SkipKid families the chance to try out a sitter. Over the last few weeks, our users logged on, booked their sitters, and invited Chime into their homes.

Here’s what they had to say!

Jessica, mom to Tilly (3) and Calla (1) – Windsor Terrace

My experience with Chime has been wonderful! We live in Windsor Terrace with two kids and two dogs. Sometimes it’s difficult to find sitters who are comfortable with pets. Not with Chime! I’ve had no issues finding sitters using their app. I have used Chime for daytime sitting to attend Pre-k tours and doctor appointments. I thought having an unfamiliar sitter would be difficult for my daughters, Tilly (3) and Calla (almost 2), since they are used to one sitter. However, our first Chime sitter, Bethie, put them at ease right away and there wasn’t any crying when I left! She let me know that everything was going well while I was out and the kids were so happy when I got home. My older daughter said, “Bethie is a nice person! Can she come back again?” I have scheduled more Chime sitters for next week and look forward to having so many qualified sitters at my fingertips. As for their customer service, it’s also been fantastic. One of my sitters had to cancel after accepting the job so Chime gave me $50 babysitting credit for a future booking. Finally, if you refer friends who book sitters using your link you can get even more credits to use for your own sitting needs! I have used other sitting sites in the past but I will only use Chime from now on!

Liz, mom to Vivian (4) and William (2) – Fort Greene

Chime was incredibly easy to use and it was super convenient to book a great sitter. I actually really liked that they had videos of the sitters on the site, because it felt like you were dealing with a live person. The sitter herself was great, extremely prompt and personable and the kids really liked her. I would absolutely, definitely use Chime again—it was so much easier than trolling my friends to find out if they know someone who knows someone when our usual sitter can’t make it. Thanks so much for the hook up. We used our sitter to go to see The Salesman at the Angelika.

Megan, mom to Cameron (2) – Williamsburg

I love the videos; it makes it easy to gauge someone’s demeanor and communication style, which can help to create a match for your child. I’d be awesome if there were even more videos/pictures of the sitters. The app itself was super easy to use. Everything made sense and I was able to book quickly with only two days’ notice. I like how the payment is handled; it eliminates the need to stop at the ATM on the way home from dinner. Jennifer (our Chime sitter), was a few minutes late, but apologized first thing. She was extremely nice and professional. She seemed trustworthy and capable, and reviewed her qualifications for us when we met. My son was sleeping during her sitting job, so we don’t have any feedback on how she interacted with him. We are hoping to book her again so they can get to know each other! My husband and I went out to dinner for a long-awaited date night!

Ryan and Meguire, parents to Emerson (5) and Holland (2) – Clinton Hill

Our experience with Chime was great! One of the best parts was that our daughter, Emerson, helped us pick her sitter. We watched several of the sitter profile videos together which empowered our daughter to choose a sitter that she was comfortable with and was excited to meet. As the night approached, Emerson’s excitement grew, which put our minds at ease. Date-night goodbyes are often difficult but that was not the case with our Chime sitter. Katie arrived on-time, had great energy that both our kids immediately took to. She was very warm and responsive, sending us a short text to let us know that she had put the kids to bed and that all was well. We will definitely use Chime again and hope to book Katie for future sittings.

Faye, mom to Wilson (8) and George (5) – Columbia Street Waterfront District

I quickly found myself in that all too familiar childcare panic when my afterschool sitter needed an evening off and my work calendar was booked. I have to admit I was extremely nervous booking for the first time through Chime. The video clips definitely helped but it would be the first time I left my now 5 and 8 year old boys with a sitter I had not prescreened or at least met. Needless to say the sitter I found through Chime was amazing and I give the entire experience a 10. I was not home to meet her but I was home at the end of the night and was able to chat with her after everyone was sleeping soundly. Through conversations with the sitter I realized how Chime’s screening process works and am now a convert. Already booked my next evening out.

Adam, dad to Dax (3) and Jett (1) – Park Slope

We have always been wary of babysitting services, and have never before used one — even in childcare emergencies. But I was intrigued, and Chime seemed different from other services I’ve looked at from the get-go. The app is very easy to navigate and with all of the background information available and the little videos, you feel like you really know who’s coming to your home! It made it so our 3 year-old helped decide who he wanted to play with. We look forward to having our sitter come Friday evening to get to know our 1 year old and 3 year old boys. We plan to use the time to get stuff done around the apartment, but we already feel pretty comfortable with the situation and might even go out for a drink after bedtime!

Update: Our babysitter was great! With all of her experience as an au pair in different countries, she could likely teach us a thing or two. Our kids settled in fairly easily — and we even made it out for dinner! We will be using Chime again.

If you could use more trusted sitters in your caregiver lineup, check out Chime today and receive $50 in credits for first-time users. BONUS: for every first booking in February, Chime will donate $25 and 10% of the transaction to the ACLU! Welcome back, date night!