Swim Lessons 101: SkipKid’s picks for a successful swim season!

One of the best ways to prepare children for a new experience is to preview it in a book. We love Froggy Learns to Swim, where we meet a frog who is initially afraid of the water. In Leo Can Swim, a little boy and his father go to a swim lesson together. Of course you can't miss with Maisy Learns to Swim, starring Lucy Cousins's beloved Maisy Mouse. Help your kids discover the joy of swim lessons before their big day in the pool.

Maybe you’re thinking of teaching your child to swim this summer, or you’ve already signed her up for lessons. Perhaps you’re simply eager to get in the pool and splash alongside your kiddos. Summer is about swimming, but there are a few essentials for making sure everyone enjoys it. From clown fish swim caps to the best picture books about learning to swim, SkipKid has water play covered!



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