These must-have paint sticks are going to save you this winter! (Art by M., age 14 months)


If you haven’t heard of Chunkies Paint Sticks, it’s time to check them out. They’re the rarified art supply that makes everyone happy. Let’s start with parents: this is zero-mess paint! If a stray mark happens to land on the table or wall, it comes up easily with a wet paper towel, and Chunkies wash off clothes and children with equal ease. Now onto your kids. Big kids are delighted by the deep, rich palette these twelve markers feature, while the youngest kids can color with them more easily than crayons, and these markers are harder to eat than crayons. You can roll up the marker only as far as you want, so parents have (some) control over how much gets licked. We leave our Chunkies in a bowl on the kitchen table during mealtime so that getting food on the table isn’t such a high-stakes game. The kids color while we finish serving and everyone–really, everyone!–is happy.

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